We’re THREE sleeps away from from the big day! My kids aren’t restless and excited AT ALL (insert belly laughter here). Packages of love have been sent, cards have been mailed, Christmas dinner has been planned and shopped for…I’m feeling pretty good about stuff. Sure, the house is a little messy, but why not throw a little craft session into the mix?

I love little houses. Porcelain houses, wood houses, paper houses…my husband would call it a freakish obsession. They’re just so cute! I can’t help it. A while back I cut a little folded Halloween house…tiny scissors and really sore hands is what I remember. But it turned out super cute! And it’s perfectly normal to carry on my little house obsession throughout the seasons, right?


Grab your card stock, scissors, paper cutter, tape, and let’s make a village! We can make these in multiple sizes, but I really love the little two-inch squares. Also, I just used the colors of card stock that I happened to have on hand. I could totally see myself making an all kraft paper village, possibly even whipping out some fine-tipped pens and drawing little windows and doors all over (the possibilities are endless!). For the two-inch houses, I cut 8-inch by 3-inch strips of card stock with my handy paper trimmer then folded those in fourths (make sure you crease those folds well). Next, I cut a 2×3-inch piece of paper, folded it sharply in half, and set it aside (this is the roof).

I trimmed my roof peaks by cutting down one inch along my folded seams (on the 8×3-inch strip), and just eyeballed my half-way point to make the peaks on every other panel. Then I used my paper trimmer to trim off the excess paper from the other two panels (lifting over my peaked-roof sections so I didn’t end up with just a shorter box). Looking at the pictures will probably make more sense than my long-winded directions.

Now, you can change the peak of your roof by cutting more or less than an inch, it just depends on your mood and whether or not you want height variety in your paper village. When you change the peak, you may need to adjust the length of your roof piece. Once you make one house, you’ll likely whip out twenty more in no time.

When you have your little house outline, you can just tape it together (I suppose you could hot glue it, but clear tape works great and is completely hidden when you’re done, so why bother with the threat of burning your fingers?).

And now you have a really cute tiny paper house!


Go forth and create your own paper village! They’re just SO cute!! This might turn into an advent calendar for next year!