Alright, alright, alright! It’s time for Ambitious Plans, Interior Edition! It’s like my exterior plans weren’t ambitious enough. I think I’m happiest when I have twelve projects going on at once, with ten more brewing in my mind. Without further adieu, here’s my list….

PAINTING, painting, and MORE painting. Our little house used to be SO dark and dull. I’ve slowly, but surely brought it out of the seventies and into a more fresh and livable phase. It’s been a long process, and it’s my hope to come to a stopping point sometime this year (or at least a long pause where I can sit back and enjoy my hard work).

I have trim to paint in our dining room, living room, downstairs hallway, upstairs hallway, master bedroom, and the boy’s room. And there are walls to paint in the upstairs hall and the boy’s room—plus one wall in our living room. And I’m considering repainting the ceiling in our dining room (it’s currently the same color as the walls and while I love the color, I’m not loving it on the ceiling). On top of all this, our master needs some touch-ups (so does the downstairs bathroom). And when we tack this onto the exterior painting that needs to be done…yeah, it’s a lot. But I’m determined!


My other plans for our interior are much more fun than watching paint dry. I’m itching to rip out our current pantry and start from scratch. I recently moved anything that wasn’t pantry related to other spots in the house that made more sense. I’ll be constructing some lovely (and sturdy) shelves, adding some better storage containers, and making it sing like an old 1940s musical number every time we open the door. Okay, no music will *actually* happen, but I’ll hear it in my head for sure.


Next up is our entry closet. This tiny space gets a lot of action—coats, hats, gloves, scarves, bike helmets, the vacuum. It needs some serious love. Some paint and shelf reconfiguring should do the trick! I’m even thinking of using some wallpaper here (just a little).


While we’re on the subject of closets, our master closet needs a little spruce up. It’s far better than what we got when we moved in, but it needs some efficiency fine tuning.


I also want to tackle my son’s closet, but I’m including this in his whole room redo. I just rearranged his room, but it still needs painting, some shelves added, some artwork and a little storage revamp. The girl’s room needs a little attention too (a little shelf styling and some artwork).


I have a beautiful runner to add to our stairway and we need a new handrail (our current handrail is on the short wall and I’d prefer it to be on our longer wall). The wall also needs some artwork because it looks pretty sterile. Our laundry room is in need of some additional shelves. Our hardwoods are begging for a little love—they’re dull and scratched up in a few spots. And I’d like to update all of our outlets and light switches (we’ve done a few and they really make a room look finished). I almost forgot about staining all the interior doors to match the one I did for our tiny bath reno. Shew! I need to bust a move!


This interior list seems a lot less daunting than my exterior list. It will be fun to see how much I actually complete in a year. There may be some hiccups along the way (and possibly some tears), but I hope you will follow along and get inspired to tackle some projects of your own!